Venetian Plastering

The Celtic Decor team have been decorating walls and ceilings across Melbourne for years and have commenced their venture into Venetian plaster. We specialse in all aspects of into Venetian plaster and decorative finishes. Custom finishes can be developed for your project where we can alter the sheen level, texture and finished appearance of the decorative coating to suit the needs of the project. We have completed a myriad of into Venetian plaster projects across Melbourne in residential, retail, hospitality and commercial contexts.

Venetian plaster creates a smooth and high polished surface. The textured and lustrous Venetian plaster is known for its elegant and smooth finish. This type of polished plaster is the new and improved version of traditional plasters. The plaster is made from marble dust and slacked lime and gives a glossy finishing touch to the surface it is applied on.

Celtic Decor have the best team for your home plastering needs. We use the highest quality possible Venetian plasters to create even and smooth wall surfaces. You can choose from various textures and colours that will suit your style and project specifics. Our services for Venetian plastering in Melbourne are not just limited to revamping your home. We are here to guide you through the process, assisting with colour and finish options and working with you to create the best possible outcome. Our professional renderers are committed to making your home renovation project a little easier.

Even in modern times, the Venetian Plaster craftsman will utilise techniques that have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. These techniques remain unsurpassed in the resulting finish, hence generating the desire from both architects and consumers alike. These bespoke finishes combining texture, colour and light are being used more and more to create natural, opulent spaces. Venetian plaster is ideal for interior, feature areas, retail environment, cafes and restaurants, reception areas, office spaces, columns, ceilings, wet area (excluding floors, excluding shower floors and walls, splash backs and bench tops). Not recommended for exterior use. Ranging from the natural beauty and charm of Marmorino Naturale to the highly polished elegance of Polished Stucco, the dramatic and timeless appeal of authentic polished lime plaster is captured and recreated in the Venetian Plaster Collection.

The Venetian plaster extends the life of your wall and ceiling surfaces. The eco-friendly product is resistant to mould and works perfectly even in the most humid environments. The plaster can withstand heavy impact and protects the wall surface from cracking. Venetian plaster is highly versatile and can be applied on drywall, walls, tile and wood. Venetian plastering in Melbourne adds sophistication and style to floors, walls and ceilings. We will create something unique and customised according to your building’s architecture and overall structure. The Venetian plaster material can turn your vision into reality. We are here to help our customers explore unlimited innovative solutions so that they can modify the interiors of their living space like they always wanted.

We believe that every interior needs something unique and Venetian plastering by the Celtic Decor team in Melbourne can help.

Venetian Plaster

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